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Step By Step Video Lessons Teaching You How To Day Trade The Forex Market

Our Mission Is Simple: Build Self Sufficient & Consistently Profitable Day Traders

Through our packages, you will find out more about our proprietary entry and exit strategies, the Momentum Trading Indicator and the BrickBar Charts.

The TRADELABS Difference:
  • No Lagging and Confusing Indicators
  • No economics degree or crystal ball required
  • No more blindly following signals and trying to sign up your family members to “join your team”

Every day, real traders are using our precise entry & exit systems to find consistency in their trading. Keep reading to find out more about how TRADELABS can change your life.

The Momentum Indicator

Learn How to Prove Your Trading System Profitable with Our Powerful Momentum Trading Indicator

The TRADELABS Difference:
  • What is the Momentum Trading Indicator and how it works
  • How to use it
  • How much market knowledge you need to create an efficient strategy
  • How to set up and use the Momentum Trading Indicator properly with NinjaTrader

  • A Cheat Sheet to offer you and your strategy a boost

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Get the Momentum indicator and the BrickBar chart

The Momentum Package is designed for traders looking to change their financial future FOREVER.

Momentum Trading Indicator & VIP Chat

Join Maya as she walks you through hundreds of trade examples, explaining the exact entry signals, exit signals, and risk management system that has led to consistent trading year after year.

  • The Momentum Trading Indicator
  • Reading Fundamental Analysis
  • Proper Technical Chart Analysis Techniques
  • Two Different Entry & Exit Strategies with exact signals
  • TRADELABS Risk Management Approach

The BrickBar Chart & VIP Chat

This is an advanced chart that will make it easier and more precise for you to understand and use signals to find trade opportunities.

  • The BrickBar Chart and customization
  • Measure risk/reward for potential trade setups
  • How to grade a potential trade
  • Use multiple time frames to confirm or deny an entry
  • Clear-cut entry and exit systems

Dedicated Sessions

1-2-1 or Group Sessions

Topics covered in the Courses:
  • Entries & exits using the Tradelabs system
  • How to apply proper risk management
  • The BrickBar Chart
  • What it means to treat your trading like a real business
  • Info on Chart Speeds and tips on setting up your charts
  • How to do understand your setup correctly
  • How to keep your saved chart files organized

Home Setup

Get your Trading Setup with 0 effort

The Black Shirt Club

A VIP Community + 1-2-1 Coaching

The Black Shirt Club is an exclusive service that takestrading mentorship deeper than ever before.

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